Sustainability Report 2022

Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Public Limited Company

Message from the Chairman of the Board

Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Public Company Limited is committed to developing its business for sustainable growth under the vision “To be the leading organization in the revival of assets to drive Thai economy and society towards sustainable growth”

Message from the CEO

Throughout the past 23 years, Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Public Company Limited (BAM) has played a crucial part in driving the Thai economy by creating added value from comprehensive asset management, including non-performing assets, both NPLs and NPAs, and solving problems of non-performing assets in the financial institution system as well as helping the Thai economy grow sustainably, which is considered as the essential role in sustainable development of the Company.

ESG Performance Highlights


We shall conduct business along with looking after and taking good care of the environment.


A lower amount of power use, compared with that of the base year 2019.

110,664.84 kWh/year

The amount of electricity produced by solar cells in the year 2022.


A lower amount of water consumption, compared with that of the base year 2019.


We shall conduct business together by sharing the opportunities in all aspects of stakeholders.


The percentage of the employees attending at least one standard training course.


The percentage of customer satisfaction with BAM's services in the year 2022.


The rate of injuries and accidents that result in work leaves per 200,000 hours.

Governance & Economic

We shall conduct business with integrity, transparency, and fairness in order to move together towards sustainability.


The percentage of the employees have acknowledged communications on Corporate Anti-Corruption Policy and Guidelines.

0 Case

No conflicts of interests among the Board of Directors, the Executives and the Employees of the Company.


The assessment score obtained from the corporate governance report (CGR) of Thai listed companies was five-star or excellent.

Awards and Achievements

Being given the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR) for the year 2022 with a five-star rating

Being certified as a member of Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption

Being chosen as one of Thailand Sustainability Investment : THSI stocks for the year of 2022 for the first time

Being certified for Carbon Footprint for Organization : CFO

Being given the MEA Energy Awards 2021

Being given an honorary certificate for the project supporting activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) Year 2022

Sustainability Report 2022